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Imagine your joy: Doctor says,
"We will make you cancer free.
Pay in Installments GET A QUOTE Imagine your relief: "What? I will pay just 20% to start my full treatment?” LEARN MORE Fundraise your Cancer Treatment GET A QUOTE Imagine your feeling: When you hear, "My God, you saved my life!” LEARN MORE Know your options GET A QUOTE You don't have to imagine: Just click,
it is all here! We are here for you!
Pick a hospital that fits all your Cancer care needs
  • When cancer strikes a loved family member a barrage of questions need immediate answers:
  • Which is the best hospital to go that has all treatment options?
  • Will we be able to afford the hospital?
  • Has the cancer spread?
  • What are our treatment options?
  • Can we pay in installments?
  • Can we have support, financially?
  • Can treatment start as we look for funds?

s PET-CT Imaging

s Chemotherapy`

s Surgical Intervention`

s Radiation Therapy`

s Immunotherapy`

s Hormonal Therapy`

s Targeted Therapy

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Radioactive PDG18 Tracer

FDG18 is a radioactive tracer for most cancers. Cancer can't hide anymore. Trust science of today!

Chemotherapy Suite

At MeCure we want you to be you in private confines of our suite to make this process as easy as possible.

PSMA Radioactive Tracer

PSMA is specific radioactive tracer most effective for staging prostate cancer. Only at MeCure Cancer Center.

Surgical Strength`

Cancer surgeries req a surgeon to take dynamic decisions on the OT table. We are fully equipped surgically.

Discovery 3-ring PET-CT`

Head to toe. We scan in less than 9 minutes. Because we have a 2021 GE Discovery high-end PET-CT.

Linear Accelerator

Offering both curative and palliative radiation services for all cancers with minimal good cell damage.


West Africa's first comprehensive cancer hospital.

No cancer should be treated without proper staging. The gold standard is a PET-CT. We are the first and the only hospital in entire West Africa to have in-house production of a medical radioactive isotope to stage all cancers using a PET-CT. Housing six floors and 100,000 square feet when we complete fully with two PET-CTs, a medical Cyclotron, three LINACs, one brachy, 12 chemotherapy suites, three Operating theaters, 8 ICUs and 63 beds we are the only stand alone cancer hospital to offer all services under one roof.

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What People Say

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Important for monitoring recurrence

In my experience PET CT is invaluable in determining the line of management in a patient diagnosed with cancer. More importantly in the monitoring or recurrence in treatment of cancers. Recently I had patient with suspicion of recurrence of tumor / Mets after surgery / treatment. However the result of the PET CT clearly showed patient was cancer free.
Prof O. I . Oyinloye

Changed practice significantly

The arrival of PET CT scan in Nigeria has changed practice significantly, it helps in upstaging some patients who before now would have been considered as having early stage disease and in some cases down stage some whom conventional CT scan had placed as advance stage, it's quite interesting so far.
Dr. Maurice Nandul

PET-CT based treatment saves mental agony and money


Imagine your joy:
Doctor says, "We will make you cancer free."

PET-CT based treament plan is the Gold Standard followed in MD Anderson or John's Hopkins or Sloane Kettering or any hospital in the world to stage and treat cancer. This is the first step before treatment is planned. Now available only at MeCure in Nigeria because we produce radioactive isotopes to scour and reveal all cancer cells in the body and then plan a treatment that's suits your stage of cancer. Only at MeCure in the country.

Imagine your relief:
"What? I will pay just 20% to start my full treatment?"

We understand your challenges. Meeting normal life expenses was always a uphill task. With Cancer, it's financially and emotionally overwhelming. That's why we launched 20:80 program blending community spirit support by repatriation of the support funds back to the sponsor for s/he to use for own health. This program will save thousands of lives as treatment will start without waiting for you to get entire funds.

Imagine your feeling:
When you hear, "My God, you saved my life!"

No one gets to play, God. We are humans with a strong community feeling to support when we see a friend in despair, in need of good healthcare. Support MeCure and be an Angel Sponsor. The program is designed to make your money work for your friend to treat cancer and equally the full amount you will spend also on your health at no extra cost. Health checks, vitamin supplements, dental, eye, diabetes plus 2000 services covered.

You don't have to imagine:
Just click, it is all here! We are here for you!

Knowing your disease, knowing your options, knowing the extent science has conquered cancer. All this is important for a conscious decision when your doctor explains you his treatment plan. Cancer is not a simple approach. It is dynamic and most of the times has a multiple combination of treatment options. Read here, all that you need to know.

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Meet Our Experts

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Chief Medical Director

Consultant Radiologist

Consultant Pathologist

Medical Officer


The best possible results, PET-CT the Gold Standard

Take a look at a direct comparison between a CT Scan and a PET-CT Scan by dragging the slider left or right.

What is Pet CT Imaging?

The Gold Standard to Stage Cancer, only at MeCure, first in West Africa. The cancers stage tells you where a cancer is located and its size, how far it has grown into nearby tissues, and if it has spread to nearby lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

What is Chemotherapy?

When you are fighting the worst enemy, Cancer, you need the best support of latest chemo drugs, continuity of supply and a staff trained to ensure your suffering is mitigated while results are best. MeCure chemo suites are designed for comfort and privacy to ensure you heal internally, faster.

What is Surgical Care in Cancer Treatment?

A good surgery is a combination of, surgeons hand, experience, trained op support staff, the modern OT equipment, the quality of air to ensure zero bacteria and finally your resolve to get better. We guarantee the best outcome and our team will prepare you for the best results.

What is Radiation Therapy?

A type of cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. We use Varian Linear Accelerators that will precisely map and destroy the tumor for curative cancers and offer relief in palliative stages.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer. Immunotherapy therapy is made affordable at MeCure by use of branded generics, no longer patent protected. MeCure has more than 150 drugs for 25 plus cancers. MeCure pharmacy you can trust.

What is Hormonal Therapy?

is a cancer treatment that slows or stops the growth of cancer that uses hormones. Many hormone drugs are for a long period. MeCure pharmacy stocks a variety of brands and combinations to allow our doctor prescribe confidently for best results on client affordability.

What is Targeted Therapy?

Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to precisely identify and attack certain types of cancer cells. A targeted therapy can be used by itself or in combination with other treatments, such as traditional or standard chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy.


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MeCure Cancer Center, West Africa’s first comprehensive cancer hospital.

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